Taking care of valuable items when moving

When getting ready for a move, your main concern is to ensure that everything is packed securely. And when you are looking for a good removal company online, the thought of how you are going to move your valuable items stays topmost in your mind. Packing and moving valuables is distinctly different from packing & moving standard furniture and belongings. Here is a guide that will help ensure that taking care of valuable items when moving doesn’t have to be too much of a stress point.

  1. Some valuable items that you should move yourself

When moving any valuables with a relocation company there is a list of items that should ideally be with you, including:

  • Documentation such as employment contracts, stock certificates, contracts with financial institutions, ID’s, check books, credit cards, securities, bonds, doctor & other important records
  • Jewels and furs
  • Dollars and foreign currencies
  • Stamp or coin collections
  • Soft copies of data on your computer
  1. Hire a professional removalist company with experience

Aside from these valuable items, there could be things like precious china, antique furniture and other valuables such expensive décor or artwork, pianos and other expensive musical instruments that have to be moved. Many people also have belongings that have sentimental value and these too have to be moved securely.

The one way to rest assured that all these things are moved safely, is to hire the services of an experienced and expert removalist company for the job. These professionals have the training to handle all your valuable items with care. They will make sure that these items are packed carefully and that they are secured and cushioned well when they are being transported.

They will also affix “fragile” stickers or “this side up” etc. stickers to indicate that these are valuable or delicate items and need to be moved with care. It is important to inform the company that you are transporting these things, so their personnel will handle them with care and mark them accordingly as well.

Insure valuable items

If you have some valuables like very expensive artwork, a grand piano or even any antique furniture etc. it’s a good idea to have these insured before the move. While a good removalist company will make sure that they transport these things properly, its best to have insurance cover just in case something untoward occurs and these pieces suffer damage.

Hire the experts

If you want to know more about packing and moving, or need to book a service, don’t hesitate to contact us at Next Level Removals or all 1300 005 400. We have been operating in this space for a number of years and focus on providing customised, cost-effective solutions to our customers. We have highly trained and experienced technicians on our team who can hanle even the most complex removals with expertise and care. We are fully-licensed and insured and you can rest assured that the move will be handled with the utmost care.