Premium Removal Boxes

Next Level Removals offer premium plastic moving boxes. To ensure your items are safe and don’t get damaged while in transit, our premium boxes are water proof, Stackable for safe transport and wont crush like cardboard boxes.  Our premium plastic moving boxes also reduce the impact on the environment unlike cardboard boxes.

Next level removalist premium plastic moving boxes allows you to stack boxes safely and secure up to 6 boxes in height and can handle up to 40kgs without running the risk of breaking or damaging your items. This also means no tapping box, simple click the lid and its secured!


  • Cheaper then cardboard
  • Reduces labor cost of your move
  • Greater protection then cardboard
  • Fit more in securely

Faster and Easier:

  • NO Building boxes
  • NO tearing down boxes
  • Delivered to your front door
  • Picked up from you new location


  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Eco friendly
  • Boxes reusable 400+ times

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