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How You Can Donate to Charity When Moving

By Nextl3v3l | 02/11/2017

When moving home we generally de-clutter and discard a number of items that we no long have any use for. Kitchen items, toys and old clothing are a large percentage of the things we discard while moving. While it’s great to take the opportunity to de-clutter when moving home, we also tend to throw away a large number of perfectly good items in the bin. But it’s possible to put these to better use- why not donate them so someone less-fortunate than you   It’s a great feeling to know that you are helping others.

When you are moving house, you go through the process of sifting through heap loads of belongings. As we grow older and our family size increases, we end up collecting a lot of things and also have multiples of certain items. We often start cleaning our closets and find clothes that haven’t been touched for years; but we don’t throw them away and they just get put back in the closet again.

In addition we also end up collecting a number of things we don’t need such as books, old TV’s, shoes and more. Only when we start packing during a move do we realise that there are so many excessive things that are in perfectly good shape that we have no use for any longer. These are the things you should consider donating to charity when moving.

The charities

Some of the charities many our clients donate their unwanted belongings to  are:

  • Red Cross Australia– Red Cross Shops rely on the local communities to donate items for them to sell. Some of the items you can donate to them include good quality summer and spring clothing and accessories and homewares. You can find a Red Cross Shop, closest to you via their site.
  • St Vincent De Paul Donating to Vinnies as they are called is a great idea. You can donate good-quality books, clothes, music and any other bric-a-brac and it will get a new life, as it helps support Australians that are having a tough time and it helps reduce landfill. Most of these shops don’t accept electrical appliances for safety and legal reasons and they don’t accept mattresses either. You can find more information on their website.
  • Save the children This organisation accepts a variety of items including school supplies, board games and crayons etc. If you have kids, there are bound to be a lot of extra things in a good condition that can be donated to a good cause.
  • Salvos– You can donate your quality used furniture, toys clothing & homewares to the Salvos. You’ll introduce far less waste into the environment and it’s a great way to help raise money for the organisation’s vital community projects. Don’t donate anything that is damaged, stained, ripped, torn or broken or faulty; if there’s something wrong the item, it can’t be sold.

If you want to know which other charities you can donate your old belongings to before moving, check the Give Now site and choose a charity you prefer.

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