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Decide What Needs to Go in Storage

By Moey | 24/08/2017

Storage is a great way to keep items you don’t need out of the way during your move. You can store them in a secure place while you organise everything else, transport essential items to your new location, decorate your new home and make it liveable, and then get items from storage transported to your location. However, before you can use this service, you need to decide which items you need to store in storage facilities:

  1. Items you don’t need to use urgently 

If you have items that you intend to keep but don’t need urgently, you can store them in a different location until you can sort your new space. For example, if you have decorative items that you don’t know where to place in your new home, you can store these at a facility until you determine where you want to place them. 

  1. Items you intend to sell in the future 

It doesn’t make sense to transport items that you intend to sell in the near future to your new home. You can sell them online and then ask the removalist company to transport them directly to your customer. You won’t need to worry about a cluttered home as you settle into your new space. Most storage units offer affordable deals for long-term storage as well.

  1. Extra furniture you don’t have room for 

Many clients have extra furniture that they don’t want to sell but don’t have room to house in their home. This is most common with clients moving into a rental home that’s smaller in size and doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of their older furniture. These clients often intend to move into larger homes in the future and need the furniture then. Long-term storage is an excellent solution for that.

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