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The Positive Side of Moving

By Moey | 27/03/2019

When the majority of us think about moving we think about how hard it will be to pack all of our belongings. We think about the fact that we have to call all of our business associates, debtors, friends, and relatives and change our address. We think about the amount of time, energy and money we are going to have to invest in moving.

All of those things are a part of moving. Moving can be stressful, it can involve a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, and a lot of planning and organization. There are also positive aspects of moving.

Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Life

When you move you have the opportunity to look at all of your possessions and decide which of those possessions are necessary for your life. You get the opportunity to take an inventory of everything that you own and to get rid of the things in your life that are not either bringing you pleasure or helping you do something.

Getting to Change your Scenery

Even if you move to another house in the same town or on the same street you will be getting a change of scenery. Your new living space will have something new for you to look at. You will not feel like you are stuck in a rut that you cannot get out of. Things will look new and fresh and you will be able to take a new joy of living.

Creates New Opportunities

When you move you will get to experience new places, like new restaurants, and new stores to shop at and you will get to meet new people. You get an opportunity to broaden your horizons and add to your life story. You also get an opportunity to leave things that were bothering you behind. You get a chance to not live next door to a neighbour that you might not have been getting along with, and you get a chance to have a bigger space, or a bigger yard, or to live in an area where you can pursue your favourite activities more often.

Moving is a time when you start a new chapter in your life. This is a time when you get to decide if you might like to live by the water, or move to the mountains, or live near a gym, or closer to your children’s school. Moving lets you have new opportunities to make the changes you want to make in your life.

Allows you to Evaluate Relationships

When you think of moving you will start to think of some people and think about how much you hate to leave those people behind, or how much you hate to create a distance between you and those people. The people you think about when you are perfectly planning a move are the people who are the most important to you in your heart. They are the people you really care about. Moving lets you discover which people you really consider to be your friends.

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