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Decide What Needs to Go in Storage

Decide What Needs to Go in Storage

Storage is a great way to keep items you don’t need out of the way during your move. You can store them in a secure place while you organise everything else, transport essential items to your new location, decorate your new home and make it liveable, and then get items from storage transported to your location. However, before you can use this service, you need to decide which items you need to store in storage facilities:

  1. Items you don’t need to use urgently 

If you have items that you intend to keep but don’t need urgently, you can store them in a different location until you can sort your new space. For example, if you have decorative items that you don’t know where to place in your new home, you can store these at a facility until you determine where you want to place them. 

  1. Items you intend to sell in the future 

It doesn’t make sense to transport items that you intend to sell in the near future to your new home. You can sell them online and then ask the removalist company to transport them directly to your customer. You won’t need to worry about a cluttered home as you settle into your new space. Most storage units offer affordable deals for long-term storage as well.

  1. Extra furniture you don’t have room for 

Many clients have extra furniture that they don’t want to sell but don’t have room to house in their home. This is most common with clients moving into a rental home that’s smaller in size and doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of their older furniture. These clients often intend to move into larger homes in the future and need the furniture then. Long-term storage is an excellent solution for that.

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Does Your Removalist Have Ties With Local Storage Companies

Does Your Removalist Have Ties With Local Storage Companies

If all your moving schedules line up perfectly, you don’t need to worry about storage of your possessions and can directly transport the items as you leave your old home. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t always work seamlessly; and you need to seek out alternative arrangements for your possessions while you move into your new home. One of the best ways to do that is to store your belongings in a local storage unit until the removalist can transport it.

Why do you need storage? 

You might need a local storage facility to store your possessions for a number of reasons during the move for various reasons: 

  • If you are looking for moving and storage during peak times, your removalist might not be able to give you a date that’s most convenient for you.
  • Sometimes, clients have to move before their new home is ready for occupancy and have to spend a few days in hotels or other rented spaces and it’s not feasible to move all items to a temporary location.
  • The new home needs to be redecorated before the possessions can be moved.
  • You intend to sell the items and don’t want to store them to your new location until they can be sold.

Why hire a removalist with storage services? 

Would you rather deal with multiple vendors or a single vendor during your move? Removalists that offer storage facilities have ties with local storage service providers and can handle all aspects of the interaction. They’ll transport your possessions to the storage facility and when you’re ready, they will transport the items to your new location.

You only have one point of contact and one person to pay. You don’t need to deal with different vendors and schedule everything so you move; transport and storage line up together. The removalist will handle everything while you focus on the move. If you want to know more about packing and moving or need to book a service, don’t hesitate to contact us at Next Level Removals or all 1300 005 400.

Low Access Storage Units

Low Access Storage Units

Do You Need 24 Hour Access to Your Unit?

Storage units come in different shapes, sizes, and with different plans so you can get a highly customized storage service. Most clients don’t study the options available to them and end up paying more than they need to for the service. However, if you take the right precautions and study the options available, you can save some money.

Do you need 24/7 access to your unit? 

Storage units with 24/7 access are often the most expensive option available with service providers because there’s a lot of overhead costs involved. If you want to access the unit urgently on a regular basis and can’t wait until working hours, you should invest in 24/7 access units.

However, if you can wait until work hours and don’t need immediate access, you can choose a more affordable plan. Storage units with restricted access are easier to manage, which is why they cost less in comparison. They’re also quite secure because there’s little to no after-hours traffic to manage.

Factors to consider when you hire a storage service 

  • Space – Book a storage space that can house all the items you need to store comfortably but make sure you don’t choose a unit that’s larger than what you need.
  • Security – Look at the security systems in place to ensure your possessions are safe. Ask the service providers if they have CCTV and other such monitoring systems.
  • Ties to removalists – Some removalists will offer storage services as a part of their removal plans. Check to see if your removalists offer this as that will make things easier for you.
  • Insurance – Make sure the storage company has some form of insurance cover and valid licenses before you hire them. That ensures you have some coverage if your possessions are lost or damaged during storage.

If you want to know more about packing and moving, or need to book a service, don’t hesitate to contact us at Next Level Removals or all 1300 005 400.