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Connect and Disconnect Services

Connect and Disconnect Services

You rely on a number of public and private institutions to provide you with essential services and non-essential services. Before you move, you need to make arrangements to ensure these services are disconnected at your old residence and connected at your new one. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Electricity 

The electricity provider will handle the disconnection so all you need to do is call them and inform them that you intend to move and want to cancel the service. Schedule the disconnection for a day or two after you move to give yourself some breathing room for delays. To connect electricity in your new home, just call the future electricity service provider at least a week in advance and place the request. This will ensure the electricity is up and running when you move in and you don’t have to deal with lack of power when you enter your new home.

  1. Gas 

The same process is applicable for gas as well; you can contact your service provider and ask them to disconnect the service on a set date. It’s a good idea to choose the day of the move or the day after for disconnection. Similarly, you can ask the new service provider at your new location to connect gas on the day of the move or the day before. Most people don’t start using gas immediately as they move into their new home so there’s some room for the connection to be set up.

  1. Internet 

Internet takes more time to set up than regular utility services; and in most cases, you need to be present in the house to set up a connection. You can request a disconnection at any time and ensure your internet service has been stopped a day or two before the move. Set up the connection immediately after the move to avoid delays. The same process applies to paid TV.

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