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How To Make Extra Money From Your Unused Garage

How To Make Extra Money From Your Unused Garage

Are you looking to save money by only having a single car for your family? Or maybe you don’t have a car at all? Well, the unused space in your garage is a great way you can make some extra cash.

It’s now easier than ever to turn your garage into real money. Rather than using the garage to store your clutter and things you no longer want, you can put the money towards your rent or mortgage.

Let’s take a look at ways you can make extra money from your unused garage. All you need is a vacant single or double space in your garage.

Rent Your Garage As A Parking Space

There are several websites and apps you can use to rent your garage as a secure parking space, such as Spacer. People are looking for alternatives to paying exorbitant commercial parking rates. If you’re close to a major city or a business hub, or near a train or bus station, your garage parking space is more likely to be in high demand.

You can also consider renting out your driveway too. It’s more practical, as it’s easier for someone to come and go, but, as it’s not secure, which means it will earn less money.

Rent Your Garage As A Storage Space

If you’d rather have people coming in and out of your garage less frequently, another option is to rent it as a storage space. It’s ideal for people who are between accommodation, travelling on an extended trip, or temporarily relocating. Storage space is in high demand, and you can make money quick and easy, just by storing things for other people in your garage. Smarter Spaces is a great site to use.

Convert Your Garage Into A Spare Room

With Airbnb and Stayz, there are plenty of places where you can offer your spare place for rent to make some extra cash. A garage can already provide the necessities for a home. So converting it into a granny flat or studio isn’t as difficult as you may think, and can provide you with spare cash.

Please Note: You will need council approval before you convert your garage.

Rent Out Your Tools

Is your garage a mess of tools collecting dust to go along with unused appliances? Well, you can turn your unused tools into extra cash in your pocket. Tool Mates Hire is a peer-to-peer tool hiring and renting platform, where you can share your tools with others.

It’s perfect for equipment which people only use occasionally, where it doesn’t make sense to buy them outright. Things like power tools, jackhammers, and even sewing machines are in demand.

Most sites let you set your own rates, and the fees for registration cover any insurance costs. You can also choose to charge a deposit to give you extra peace of mind

There are many creative ways you can make extra money from your garage. Why wait, when you can be earning extra cash today?

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7 Tips to Get Your Full Rental Bond Refunded

7 Tips to Get Your Full Rental Bond Refunded

It’s a constant struggle for tenants. You have a lot of money tied up in a rental bond, which you want to have returned. Money that could be better spent hiring a professional, reliable removalist such as Next Level Removals… but we digress.

The truth is a very large number of tenants forfeit part or all of their bonds every year.

So, what are the top tips for getting your rental bond back?

Read your lease; know the requirements; know your rights

Make sure you read your lease carefully before you sign it, and also before you vacate your rental property. Know what is expected of you. Know any special requirements that are in your lease.

If you are moving interstate, make sure you are aware of any lease requirements that differ between states.

If you are renting an office, be aware of potential additional requirements. Commercial leases generally have ‘make good’ provisions, meaning you need to return the fit out to its original condition when you move in.

Refer to your entry report

As part of your lease, an entry and exit report must be completed by your managing agent. This records the condition of the property on moving in and out, specifically detailing any damage.

Your entry report will tell you what you need to fix, and what was pre-existing damage. Be very thorough with this, it can save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Take your own photos

Property managers always take photos of the property, but it is a good idea to take your own. Take photos when you move in and also when you move out. They may help if any disputes arise.

Take care of the property

The most common reasons tenants don’t get their bonds returned are:

  • damage they have caused to the property
  • the property is kept clean.

The easiest way to get your bond back is to keep your rental property clean and in good condition. Fix any issues as they arise, that way it won’t be a big job when you move out.

Be aware of any special cleaning requirements such as having carpets or blinds professionally cleaned, or a pet clean if you have animals.

Also, be very careful not to lose your keys, these can be expensive to replace and will come out of your bond.

Call the professionals

Professional cleaning can go a long way to getting your bond back. If you use a cleaner recommended by your managing agency, it will be difficult to argue with the results. If there is an issue, you can also work with the cleaner to them return if the work is not satisfactory.

Using professional removalists such as Next Level Removalists can help also. This can mean that your furniture is safely removed without damage to your rental property.

Keep your rent up to date

It might seem like a very obvious thing, but if your rent is not up to date, it will come out of your bond. Make sure your payments are up to date, it will make things much easier later.

Give enough notice

Many leases will have minimum notice periods to either re-sign or exit your lease. Know these and stick to them. There may be charges if you don’t, which will automatically come out of your bond.

Need further information?

Check out the top tips on our website or connect with our team. We are your local Sydney specialists for both household and office moves both locally or interstate.

Furnishing An Office On A Budget

Furnishing An Office On A Budget

Having a well-designed office can improve productivity and happiness amongst workers, and impress clients. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Here are tips for furnishing your office without breaking the bank.

Lease Equipment

Rather than having to pay for all your essential office equipment upfront, you can consider leasing items rather than buying them. For things like computers that usually have an upgrade cycle of 3-4 years, it may make more sense. If there are also items that you use on a semi-regular basis, you can get a good deal renting it only when you need it.

Sharing Model

There are some items which staff can share instead of wasting money on things which aren’t used so often. Not everyone needs a printer when you can have a communal one. Also, not all staff members may need a work phone on their desk, especially if you have a shared office environment. Also consider buying long bench desks which many staff members can use, rather than buying individual desks.

By having a more communal feel, it creates a more social office environment, which can lead to better workplace culture.

Buying Refurbished Products

You may be able to get a better deal buying refurbished hardware than leasing. For items like printers and laptops, the price is significantly lower for things that are almost like new.

Have A Flexible Layout

If you’re a start-up or small company, the most cost-effective way is to create a flexible office space as soon as you move in. This will allow you to effortlessly expanded, and your office can grow with your needs. Avoid items like individual offices and fixed partitions. Instead, focus on the layout and furniture which you can rearrange and expand quickly.

Invest In Quality Office Chairs

While it’s a good idea to furnish your office as cheap as possible, one area which you shouldn’t skimp on is office chairs. Sitting for long periods can cause back pain, and can lead to employees taking sick days. It’s essential to have high-quality ergonomic office chairs. They will make a significant improvement to your employees’ long-term health and comfort.

Buy the Kitchen Essentials

It’s easy to overlook the importance of having a functional staff kitchen. But it will drastically improve staff happiness and productivity. Essential items include a fridge, toaster, microwave, and kettle. You can buy everything at once for a potential discount from a chain store.


Natural lighting can provide a drastic boost to employee wellbeing and morale. It will also save on lighting costs at the same time. When deciding on your office space layout, set up areas (like desks) where people will be spending the most amount of time near windows. This will let you utilise as much natural light as possible.

Go Digital

Going paperless doesn’t only save the environment. It can also help slash your expenses significantly. Storing all your files digitally means you can cut back on the cost of the printer, paper, and ink. You can even reduce the need for folders, shelves, and filing cabinets. It’s also possible to have contracts signed digitally using an app like DocuSign.

Are you looking to minimise your downtime between moving office? We’ve got you covered. For professional, reliable and trustworthy office relocation Sydney Removals, call Next Level Removals on 1300 005 400 or contact us online.

5 Ways To Save Money On Moving Home

5 Ways To Save Money On Moving Home

Moving home always has a lot of unexpected expenses which can add up fast. No matter whether you are moving across town, or to the other side of the country, you need to keep an eye on your spending.

To help keep your moving costs to a minimum, here are 5 ways to save money on moving house.

1. Plan Well In Advance

One of the best ways to save money when moving home is to plan your move well in advance, and also to give yourself a budget for it.

Booking early can help you get better rates for hiring removalists, and not have to pay last-minute premium fees. It will also help you get an idea of the price ahead of time so that you can budget for it, rather than having to pay all upfront unexpectedly.

Using a removal calculator can help you get an idea of the total price.

2. Get 3-5 Estimates

There are many variables when moving. Quotes may also fluctuate significantly between different removals companies. You should get quotes from 3-5 different removals companies. This will let you know that you are getting the best service for the most affordable price.

Before automatically going for the cheapest option, read some online reviews about all the companies. Also, make sure the removalists have insurance, and your belongings are covered for any damages. Otherwise, it could cost you a lot more by having to pay to repair or replace any items damaged while moving.

3. Sell Some Items You No Longer Need

Moving home is the perfect time to go through all your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. It will also eliminate any clutter from coming into your new home.

Sell your unwanted items on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, or an old fashioned garage sale. Not only will it give you extra cash to put towards moving, but it will also reduce the amount you have to pay removalists. Because there will be fewer boxes which need moving which means less van space is required. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Find Free Moving Boxes

Buying moving boxes can be a significant and unexpected expense. Luckily, there’s no need to pay for moving boxes, when you can source some for free! Check with supermarkets or department stores if they have any empty boxes – they will only throw them out anyway.

Even better, a lot of removalists provide free moving boxes which are the perfect size for moving and reinforced as well.

5. Pack Everything Yourself

Removalists offer excellent extra services such as packing and unpacking your belongings. As well as dismantling and reassembling furniture. But, if you are really on a tight budget, you can pack everything yourself. Just make sure to do it in advance and have it all ready before the movers show up on moving day.

It’s essential to pack your belongings correctly, to protect them in transit. To do so, you will need to use blankets, towels, sheets and old newspapers for padding and protection. This can help reduce the cost of having to buy packing supplies such as bubble wrap and packing paper.

There are many different ways you can save money on moving house. While it may seem like small savings, when combined, the savings add up fast.

Looking for an affordable and experienced professional removalist company? Next Level Removals are here to help! Call us today on 1300 005 400, or get a free quote online.

How To Save Money Moving (With Backloading)

How To Save Money Moving (With Backloading)

Moving interstate across the country is often a costly process. There are so many expenses involved with relocating – and that’s before even considering the cost of moving.

There is a solution to help slash your moving costs, yet most people aren’t even aware it exists, or how it works.

It’s called backloading, and it can seriously save you a lot of hard earned money, without compromising on service.

What is backloading, and how can it save you money moving?

What is Backloading?

Backloading is used when a removalist truck is driving back to base after a successful move. Instead of having an empty truck making the return trip, homeowners can rent out space in the empty truck. It’s possible to move anything from a single piece of furniture to an entire house.

How Does Backloading Work?

You will also be sharing space in the truck with other people who are also transporting their belongings by using backloading. Every item is clearly labelled and separated so that there is no chance of belongings being mixed up or delivered to the wrong location.

Movers also keep a detailed checklist of every item which is loaded and unloaded during backloading.

How Does Backloading Save You Money?

Best of all, you only pay for the actual space you use in the truck – slashing the price of a regular move, where you need to rent out an entire truck.

How Frequently Is Backloading Available?

We have many trucks on the road, completing deliveries every day, meaning you won’t have to wait a long time.

After you have your removal date, contact us, and we can organise backloading for you. You may need some flexibility in regards to the date and time, but we can accommodate all requests.

Where is Backloading available?

At Next Level Removals, we offer backloading services to the following interstate between Sydney and:

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Adelaide
  • Canberra
  • Cairns

Our backloading country locations include between Sydney and:

  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • Orange
  • Dubbo
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Lismore
  • Port Macquarie
  • Broken Hill
  • Albury
  • Goulburn
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Tamworth

We also provide services to all areas in-between.

If you need backloading to another destination, please contact us for a quote. Availability depends upon if we have any other moves scheduled around your date and location.

Benefits of Backloading

Backloading is an environmentally friendly way to move interstate or to the country. By using backloading, it directly means there are fewer vehicles on the road, which saves fuel as well as reduces carbon emissions.

Our professional and experienced removalists carefully will load and unload your belongings. You still receive the full Next Level Removals experience, without missing out on our quality service.

We ensure that you arrive at your new home according to schedule, with your belongings safe and sound.

Move Only Necessary Items

To save even more money moving interstate, consider getting rid of the items you no longer want or need. Either sell them, give them to friends or family, or donate them to charity. This will reduce the cost of moving by meaning you won’t need to pay for as much space when backloading.

For more information on backloading, or to book your move, contact Next Level Removals today via phone 1300 005 400 or online.

How to budget for your office or commercial relocation

How to budget for your office or commercial relocation

When moving office, it’s almost impossible to keep track of every little thing that might surface. But you can make the move as seamless as possible if you budget everything right. Here are a few pointers to follow:

  1. Create/download a template

It’s very easy to budget everything well when you use an online template. That will help you keep all your expense in one place, where they can be easily accessed as you would need to consult it often in the days leading up to the move.

  1. Be realistic about the removals cost

Some things you should do include:

  • It’s important to conduct a certain amount of research on different removal companies in your area and get quotes from multiple providers. While it may seem like adding the lowest amount to your budget is the best thing to do, you should add in the highest one so you have some buffer in case there are changes and you need some additional packing material or need to add some more items for removal etc.
  • Factor in extra services such as hiring the removalists for packing and unpacking, disconnecting and connecting PCs etc.
  • Include extra charges such as special transport arrangements (such as temperature-controlled trucks for transporting sensitive materials), on-site custom crating for expensive equipment, accommodating tight schedules, expediting the move or moving over a holiday.
  1. Include packing materials cost

Most removal companies will provide quotes with and without packing materials (as per your requirement) and many providers also include a certain amount of packaging in the quote as part of their standard services. If you plan to complete the entire packing project by yourself, the cost of all the required packing materials isn’t something you can ignore.

An office move involves a variety of packing materials such as bubble wrap, small/medium/large boxes, packing paper, furniture blankets, packing tape and stretch tape etc. All these supplies will cost a significant amount of money; but you might be able to get a very good deal and have them included in the quote and overall packing cost.

  1. Disconnecting and reconnecting your utilities

Aside from this, you need to ensure that all office repairs and cleaning is completed at the older premises. Check Simplymaid prices for more info. Include the expense of disconnecting utilities at the existing office and reconnecting them at the new location.

All of these expenses can amount to a lot; the one way to reduce your stress is to examine your budget beforehand and allocate a little more than the estimated costs. In addition, look for a removal company that gives you packaging materials at a discounted rate. While some unexpected problems may arise, if you focus on budgeting for the move well, you will find that you have enough left over for contingencies and will be able to manage the move well.

If you want to know more about packing and moving or need to book a service, don’t hesitate to contact us at Next Level Removals or all 1300 005 400.