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8 Tips for Seamless Furniture Move

By Moey | 05/02/2019

Whether you want to move to another house or you only want to change your furniture, this process is not as easy as you may think. Large furniture pieces such as couches or mattresses can be safely moved using the right techniques and tools. Here are some tips for furniture moving in order not to produce any damage neither to your furniture nor to your walls and doors.

  • Measure your doorway

The first thing to do before moving your furniture, is to measure the doorway. Before moving, you need to ensure that your furniture fits the doorway. Very often, people miss to measure the doorway and they damage the sofas and couches, and worst, they damage the doors, leaving them an easy target to thieves and burglars. If the furniture fits through the doorway in one piece, that’s perfect. If not, try to dismantle it, but pay attention because once you do this, the furniture may become more fragile. To protect the doorway, you could use quilted pads.

  • Protect your furniture with plastic and blankets

Is important to use blankets or plastic to protect your furniture while moving, otherwise you might end up having scratched furniture. Wrap the furniture completely with moving blankets and secure it with duct tape. This way you’ll protect the fragile edges of your furniture.

  • Use furniture sliders, harnesses and lifting straps

Using furniture sliders, harnesses and lifting straps will help you protect the furniture and your back. Furniture sliders will protect your floor and carpets from getting damaged and scratched while lifting straps and harnesses help you move the furniture much easier and much safer. This kind of tools is also used by professional movers.

  • Take off the legs of big chairs and couches

Taking of the legs of chairs, tables or couches can help you by getting you the extra inches required in order for your furniture to fit through narrow doorways. Pay attention not to damage the furniture while taking the legs off, nor to break them. Also, be careful to lift the furniture with your legs, not with your back, to prevent injuries. You should keep in mind to bend at your knees, not at your waist to prevent injuring yourself.

  • Contact a professional locksmith if you damaged the door

If moving your furniture made you damage the door, don’t underestimate this and call a local locksmith in order to check the door and provide security. Domestic security is extremely important, don’t neglect this aspect. A locksmith is equipped with the most modern tools and instruments and is able to do any repairs to your door in a situation like this. Usually, people who move their furniture hit the deadbolts and damage the door without even realising it. Take caution and after finishing the moving process, check your door and locks to see if they still work properly. If not, always contact a professional locksmith.

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