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7 Tips to Get Your Full Rental Bond Refunded

By Moey | 23/12/2019

It’s a constant struggle for tenants. You have a lot of money tied up in a rental bond, which you want to have returned. Money that could be better spent hiring a professional, reliable removalist such as Next Level Removals… but we digress.

The truth is a very large number of tenants forfeit part or all of their bonds every year.

So, what are the top tips for getting your rental bond back?

Read your lease; know the requirements; know your rights

Make sure you read your lease carefully before you sign it, and also before you vacate your rental property. Know what is expected of you. Know any special requirements that are in your lease.

If you are moving interstate, make sure you are aware of any lease requirements that differ between states.

If you are renting an office, be aware of potential additional requirements. Commercial leases generally have ‘make good’ provisions, meaning you need to return the fit out to its original condition when you move in.

Refer to your entry report

As part of your lease, an entry and exit report must be completed by your managing agent. This records the condition of the property on moving in and out, specifically detailing any damage.

Your entry report will tell you what you need to fix, and what was pre-existing damage. Be very thorough with this, it can save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Take your own photos

Property managers always take photos of the property, but it is a good idea to take your own. Take photos when you move in and also when you move out. They may help if any disputes arise.

Take care of the property

The most common reasons tenants don’t get their bonds returned are:

  • damage they have caused to the property
  • the property is kept clean.

The easiest way to get your bond back is to keep your rental property clean and in good condition. Fix any issues as they arise, that way it won’t be a big job when you move out.

Be aware of any special cleaning requirements such as having carpets or blinds professionally cleaned, or a pet clean if you have animals.

Also, be very careful not to lose your keys, these can be expensive to replace and will come out of your bond.

Call the professionals

Professional cleaning can go a long way to getting your bond back. If you use a cleaner recommended by your managing agency, it will be difficult to argue with the results. If there is an issue, you can also work with the cleaner to them return if the work is not satisfactory.

Using professional removalists such as Next Level Removalists can help also. This can mean that your furniture is safely removed without damage to your rental property.

Keep your rent up to date

It might seem like a very obvious thing, but if your rent is not up to date, it will come out of your bond. Make sure your payments are up to date, it will make things much easier later.

Give enough notice

Many leases will have minimum notice periods to either re-sign or exit your lease. Know these and stick to them. There may be charges if you don’t, which will automatically come out of your bond.

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