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How To Make Extra Money From Your Unused Garage

How To Make Extra Money From Your Unused Garage

Are you looking to save money by only having a single car for your family? Or maybe you don’t have a car at all? Well, the unused space in your garage is a great way you can make some extra cash.

It’s now easier than ever to turn your garage into real money. Rather than using the garage to store your clutter and things you no longer want, you can put the money towards your rent or mortgage.

Let’s take a look at ways you can make extra money from your unused garage. All you need is a vacant single or double space in your garage.

Rent Your Garage As A Parking Space

There are several websites and apps you can use to rent your garage as a secure parking space, such as Spacer. People are looking for alternatives to paying exorbitant commercial parking rates. If you’re close to a major city or a business hub, or near a train or bus station, your garage parking space is more likely to be in high demand.

You can also consider renting out your driveway too. It’s more practical, as it’s easier for someone to come and go, but, as it’s not secure, which means it will earn less money.

Rent Your Garage As A Storage Space

If you’d rather have people coming in and out of your garage less frequently, another option is to rent it as a storage space. It’s ideal for people who are between accommodation, travelling on an extended trip, or temporarily relocating. Storage space is in high demand, and you can make money quick and easy, just by storing things for other people in your garage. Smarter Spaces is a great site to use.

Convert Your Garage Into A Spare Room

With Airbnb and Stayz, there are plenty of places where you can offer your spare place for rent to make some extra cash. A garage can already provide the necessities for a home. So converting it into a granny flat or studio isn’t as difficult as you may think, and can provide you with spare cash.

Please Note: You will need council approval before you convert your garage.

Rent Out Your Tools

Is your garage a mess of tools collecting dust to go along with unused appliances? Well, you can turn your unused tools into extra cash in your pocket. Tool Mates Hire is a peer-to-peer tool hiring and renting platform, where you can share your tools with others.

It’s perfect for equipment which people only use occasionally, where it doesn’t make sense to buy them outright. Things like power tools, jackhammers, and even sewing machines are in demand.

Most sites let you set your own rates, and the fees for registration cover any insurance costs. You can also choose to charge a deposit to give you extra peace of mind

There are many creative ways you can make extra money from your garage. Why wait, when you can be earning extra cash today?

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The Pros And Cons of Moving House With Container Removals

The Pros And Cons of Moving House With Container Removals

When moving long distances interstate, it can become expensive, fast. Are you looking for an economical and cost-effective way to safely move your belongings to your new home? Using container removals may be the right option for you.

Moving containers come in several different sizes, to accommodate moves of all sizes. These include:

  • 10 feet (approx. 3 meters) – recommended for an apartment.
  • 20 feet (approx. 6 meters) – recommended for 2 or 3 bedrooms home.
  • 40 feet (approx. 12 meters) – recommended for a 4+ bedroom home, or if you have a lot of items to move.

If you need additional space, you can hire more than one container.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of moving using containers:

Container Removals Pros


Interstate removalists will deliver the shipping container directly to your home. You can choose a day and time, which is convenient for you. Then you can pack and load your belongings at your own pace into the container.

After you’ve finished packing, the movers will come and pick up the shipping container and deliver it directly to your new home. After you’ve arrived, you can then unpack on your own time, instead of having everything at once unloaded into your new home.

Easy To Move

With moving containers, you have the option of a self-pack container removal service. This means that you will have the container delivered to your home, and you can then pack it at your leisure. You no longer need to have hundreds of boxes throughout your house in the lead up to your move, and then have everything loaded onto a truck within hours.


Using moving containers is a much better cost-effective solution to regular removals. With many different sizes available, you only need to pay for the space you need. You will also keep your costs down, as packing is all done DIY, rather than having to pay for labour costs of a moving team.

Secure Storage

Moving containers provide safe and secure storage. You can lock the storage container for maximum security and peace of mind. Your belongings are also protected from the elements.

Container Removals Cons

DIY Loading

While it helps keep costs down, do-it-yourself loading into a moving container can be a stressful and challenging job. It’s time-consuming and labour intensive, and you’ll have to provide your own moving equipment like dollies, blankets, and moving straps.

More Time Consuming

As you will be moving your belongings DIY, it will take longer to pack your home than if you had an experienced and professional removals team

You Need Extra Space Outside For The Container

During loading and unloading, you need a space to store the container next to your home or apartment. If this is in a public or shared space, this may create problems with other residents. You may also need to seek permission from the building manager or local council.

Are you moving interstate and looking to keep your costs down? You should carefully consider the pros and cons of moving using containers and if it is the right solution for you.

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