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Tips for Garage Sale before Moving

Tips for Garage Sale before Moving

If you are about to move then, you know that you need to reduce the number of belongings that you have. By getting rid of some of the things that you do not need, you can reduce some of the stress of moving in Sydney, and you can reduce some of the cost of moving.

Before you begin packing to move you need to decide exactly what things you truly want to take to your new place, and what things you might want to leave behind. Of course, you cannot leave things behind, but you can have a garage sale and liquidate some of your stuff.

For you to have a successful garage sale, you need to read the following tips.

  1. Decide what day you will want to have the sale on. This will allow you to establish how much time you have to go through your possessions. Mark the date on a calendar, set it on a reminder on your phone, and tell all of your friends what day you have set aside for your sale.
  2. You will need tables or things that can work as tables to display the items you have for sale. You also need to decide how you will view items of clothing, such as hanging racks.
  3. You need to buy some garage sale stickers so you can mark each item with the price. Some people like to say all clothing is one price, or all books are one price. In these instances, you can create a sign to hang close to the items so that people can easily see it.
  4. Be realistic about the prices you put on your items. Just because you paid $100 for something when it was new does not mean that it is now worth $50. Look at the item and decide how old it is, does it still work correctly, is it stained, and how much would you honestly be willing to pay someone for an item exactly like it. Be ready when you have a garage sale people are going to try and talk you into lowering the prices on some items.
  5. Advertise your garage sale in local newspapers, on social media sites, put a flyer up in local markets and your church. You want to advertise at least one week before the sale, so people have plenty of time to come to your sale.
  6. Make posters that clearly show where the sale is located. Hang the signs along the route that the majority of people will use to travel to your home.
  7. Go the night before the sale and get change. You will need ones, fives and tens. You do not have to get any quarters or loose change unless you have things priced so that you need loose change.
  8. Get up early on the morning of the sale. Put your best smile on your face, and remember when people try to get you to lower your prices that you are trying to sell these items. Be flexible.

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